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9:00AM-1:00PM ages 3-12

M-F $125 

2 or 3 day slots available too!

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Day Camp




Our goal is to facilitate positive outdoor experiences with nature in the hope that all campers will be comfortable interacting with the natural world throughout their lifetimes.



  • $229 PER WEEK

  •  8-3:30

  • before and aftercare available $3 an hour


We offer:


  • infant classes

  • 6 weeks -18 months

  • toddler classrooms                   18-30months

  • 3k classrooms

  • 4k classrooms

  • Kindergarten classrooms


Class time is 8:30am-3:30pm

(We are flexible with working parents...before and after care available $3.00 per hour for full time students) 



  • $229 per week full-time

  • $160 per week Mon., Wed., & Fri.

  • $60 per day 


Enrollment Fee

*$100 due the first day of enrollment and every August with paperwork update





School Age

During the school year we

offer before and after care.

  • Before care $65 per week

  • After care $75 per week

additional 5% discount for military families with full time enrollment

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Good Earth Learning Center links children with farm fresh food and educational activities that bring the whole world of agriculture to life and help instill lifestyle choices that nurture their bodies, their communities, and the planet. 

Young people who have the chance to dig in a garden, learn about nutrition, agriculture and the natural world, and have the opportunity to cook fresh foods, are more likely to eat these healthy foods later when they are served in the school cafeteria and when available to them at home.

Life on the Farm

Daily Activities:

Children will:

  • feed chickens, gather eggs, and hold baby chicks

  • feed lambs and watch the lambs frolic in the field

  • feed and hold baby bunnies 

  • learn how worms create compost for gardens

  • prepare the earth and plant veggies

  • tell stories

  • go on nature walks and look for insects, birds, and wildlife

  • identify trees by the leaves


Welcome to Good Earth Learning Center


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Director: Angie Horn

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